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by Ministry Through Melody

Two Wrongs Won’t Make Us Right – Inspiration Behind the Songs

Two Wrongs Won’t Make Us Right

For three years, Randy Travis was my neighbor in North Texas.  So when he did things that showed up in the news, because he was just a mile down the road, it was foremost on my mind.  It upset me very much when I learned that he had an affair with my dentist’s wife.  That he somehow drove a wedge to force the husband out of his own house so that he could move in to their family home (with children) in Plano, TX before purchasing the ranch near me.   A song starting rolling around in my head.  Most folks don’t realize that regarding marriage….the grass is not greener on the other side…the grass is greener where you water it.  So no matter if you are with this person for your husband or with other person for your husband…it really doesn’t matter the person…it’s the same challenge.  So I thought, we are so foolish to think that if it didn’t work with this one person that marriage is going to work better with a different person.  Because whether or not folks realize it…we carry with us the problems we had in one marriage to another.  An affair is only an escape from the real truths and responsibilities of a marriage.  So, in that moment the song was born, Two Wrongs Won’t Make Us Right.


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