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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

Who He Is – Melody Balk & David Walker

If you could see that I belong
All my sins nailed to the cross
Follow His Word all lifelong
Could you see who He is

If I was rescued from a fall
Through troubled times could still stand tall
Had faith through it all
Could you feel who He is

If you see kindness, joy and peace
Gentleness and faithfulness
If you know love and self control
And all the fruits that make us whole

Then you could see me bite my tongue
Hold back harsh words I know are wrong
Sing He’s my strength He is my song
And you could hear who He is

When you hear patience joy and love
You will know what He’s made of
When you show goodness that is kind
You’ll be connected to the vine

He made a difference in the way
I think and speak and now behave
Because of Him I’m newly made
Can you see who He is

If you learn faithfulness and love
And the old ways He’s freed me of
You’ll have the power to be kind
With a renewing of the mind

You’ll come alive with a new faith
And have the power of His grace
And believe that you can change
And you can be who He is

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