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by Ministry Through Melody

Lord Please Deliver Me from Myself – The Inspiration Behind the Song

July 4, 2003

It’s a song that stirs you.  ”You may not understand what it is that you are feeling when you hear the song it but it is compared to what might happen in the secular world.  When you hear it, you get hooked on the visceral vibration from the soul of the singer that goes beyond just the mere production of the sound”, Dr. Richard Perry Ellis, D. Min.


If you have ever been in the wilderness and could not find your way home, that’s a huge emptiness and loneliness fraught with fear. And that’s where people are at…………who are lost.

Lord Please Deliver Me From Myself

I was writing about how quick we should be to admit our faults admitting, we, as humans, need salvation.  God provides a supernatural answer. Miraculously, things fall into place! God loves to turn crucifixions into resurrections so you can see his greatness. “I expect the Lord to deliver me once again so I will see his goodness to me ….” (Ps. 27:13) So you will see the lines in the Chorus of the song, “Crucify My Ways to a Resurrected Life”.  The miracle is at the time I wrote this song I did not know this scripture.  More and more I’m writing songs from scripture but in this case I was led to say this in the song without even knowing the scripture, then later learned of the scripture that the song portrays.

I was inspired to write this song up high in the Inyo Mountains of Owens Valley and still quietness of the old mining town of Cerro Gordo Ghost Town in California.  On the east side of the Sierra Mountains, at an elevation of 9,000 feet in Inyo County overlooking Owens Lake, Cerro Gordo is a songwriter’s dream of peace and quiet for creating.

The famous “Yellow Grade Road” climbs over 5500 feet in a short 7 miles from the Owens Valley to the town site of Cerro Gordo Ghost Town.  It is a songwriter’s dream in that it’s the most peaceful place I’ve ever been even after many trips on foot and on horseback in the Rocky Mountains. It’s an incredible drive with amazing views!  From this abandoned town, once flowed as much as $13,000,000 in silver and lead bullion. Deserted today, it stands as the greatest silver and lead producer in California history.

I mention the physical location that inspired the songs I write because it has a big influence on the song itself.  This is one of the most peaceful places on earth.  You can hear the quiet. It’s in the quiet that we can hear God.  I look to guidance of the Holy Spirit in choosing meaningful teaching lyrics.  I spent the entire day at Cerro Gordo carving out the beginnings of this song, in the peace and quiet on top of the mountain overlooking Owens Lake.  I had written the first verse and chorus but it was weeks until I added the other verses.  I needed more inspiration, more guidance.

Lord Please Deliver Me From Myself is about Dying to Self.   The individual who dies to self understands that God created him for a reason, that he is a part of God’s plan for the world. Death Valley then, would seem to be a great place for Dying to Self or….. writing a song about it!  I marveled about how awesome God is to have taken me on these travels to incredible places that inspired this song!  Death Valley is an active world of contrasts and extremes; must be why all the highs and lows in the song!  I finished the song later during my commutes through Death Valley National Park in California and Nevada on my way to Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church by way of Vegas.

The park has the second-lowest point in the Western Hemisphere and it is in Bad Water Basin, which is 282 feet (86 m) below sea level. The highest point in Death Valley itself is Telescope Peak in the Panamint Range, which has an elevation of 11,043 feet (3,366 m).  It’s all fitting to the song, Lord Please Delivery me From Myself.  Lord remove the Bad Water from myself! Die to self and leave self in Death Valley! And climb back up the mountain to where God wants me to be and where my purpose is.  Imagine driving down a road going through Death Valley in the above image.  I remembered thinking on those peaceful drives, “Lord I want to be free from myself, I want to be free from my ways that are hindering me, in the way, or not THE Way.”  God please save me from myself.  And the wonderful thing is, He does!

It’s only by Devine Providence that God would have me writing this song starting out at 9,000 feet in Cerro Gordo Ghost Town and continuing at over 282 feet below sea level in Bad Water Basin at Death Valley National Park.






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