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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

In Everything Give Thanks – Melody Balk

In everything give thanks
In every circumstance
No matter what you’re in
Give thanks for all to Him

Praise Him for Him my heart trusts all
Be thankful for His faithfulness goes on
Thank Him for His love endures all things
From your hearts let thanks-to-God spring

When times are hard give thanks
When times are good give thanks
Give thanks whatever comes
This is His will for us

Give thanks for His righteousness
Give thanks for His name is near
Thanks in ev-er- y circumstance
Even on the darkest days

Know in all things He works for good
Know that this is His will for us
There are blessings for those in Christ
No matter what comes

Give thanks to Him in song
For in Christ we belong
Be joyful in all things
And let your soul sing

Praise be to the Lord He’s heard my cry
Thanksgiving for all those who are in Christ
For this is His will concerning you
With Him on our side how can we lose


Raise your arms wave thanks
Oh my soul shout thanks
Dance and sing thanks
With all your heart live thanks


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