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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

Infinite Illumination – Melody Balk & David Walker

Intro: Ladies and Gentlemen we’d like to welcome you aboard
flight 265 service into Nashville Tennessee. As you make
your way to your seating preference notice the illuminating
lights down the aisle way which will help you find your way..
the illuminating lights will help you find your way…..the
illuminating lights…….the illuminating lights…illuminating
illuminating….He said let there be light (crack of lightening)

He said let there be light
And have it rule the day
Let it guide and lead us
And help us make our way

He’s an infinite illumination
His Son who came into creation
God’s bright and shining revelation
I was lost out in the night
When He drew me in by light

He is infinite illumination
Giving us reconciliation
Accepting His true salvation
When I open up my eyes
I see His purifying light

While drifting in the dark
I was lost forever
Before I had a clue
He knew we’d be together

He is infinite illumination
In supernatural conversation
It’s daily soul rejuvenation
When I focus on His light
I can finally get it right

The tenderness of God
Beams through His forgiving
That I may walk before Him
In the light of the living

He is infinite illumination
The author of my transformation
For the sake of His glorification
When He saw me in the night
He found me worthy of His light
He is Infinite Illumination

Infinite Illumination
He is infinite illumination

He is infinite

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