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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

Living Life in His Will – The Inspiration Behind the Song

Living Life in His Will

These were the years I was living in So. California attending Rick Warren’s Church and every class I could get to.  I felt so in God’s Will and I noticed how smoothly things were running, so I wanted to write a song about it to share with others the importance of following God’s Plan for your life and not your own, because your plan is not necessarily God’s plan.

The Self-Directed Life
• Self is “on the throne of your heart”
• Christ is outside your life
• Interests are directed by self, often resulting in discord and frustration
The Christ-Directed Life
• Christ is in your life and “on the throne”
• Self is yielding to Christ
• Interests are directed by Christ, resulting in harmony with God’s plan

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