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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

Singer’s Psalm – The Inspiration Behind the Songs

Psalm 104:33 I will sing to the Lord all my life.  I will praise my God to my last breath

Singer’s Psalm  This was the first inspiration for composing a Christian Song.  The melody came to me while driving down the road and I didn’t want to forget it when I arrived home.  I could not find anything to record it on and was frantically looking for something.  I had a friend visiting me that day and he happened to have a clock radio that had a recorder on it.  This is how we saved the melody before it was lost forever.  It’s one of the few praise and worship types of songs I’ve written.

Let Your Spirit Ring was a line in the song meant to encourage others.  I actually got to experience this for the first time during my visit to So. California.

It was this first song and God’s Promise, the second Christian song I wrote, that were the only two songs I had when I traveled to So. California to visit Rick Warren’s church.  I carried my guitar around everywhere and sang the two songs.  Then we went to a home for adults who had somehow lost their way in life and now had special needs.  This was one of the most meaningful and enjoyable venues to sing at.  I learned then that you can reach people who are lost through music.  These folks just wander around all day with no direction, no purpose. When I started singing to them, they came alive.

There was one lady in particular who was German and seemingly I could not reach her.  I started strumming on my guitar and started singing Edelweiss and she came to life and started singing along with me.  Everyone in the room couldn’t believe it because she was normally so quiet.  But I found something she knew and could relate to.

So, always and wherever you go, Let Your Spirit Ring!


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