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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

Just That Kind of Day – Inspiration Behind the Song

Just That Kind Of Day  Mike, my friend and I would lay around the house with our guitars just plunking around and songs would be born.  “Just That Kind of Day” was started in this manner, it was raining outside, and we had no particular subject matter, except that it was just that kind of day, raining, gloomy, sort of a nothing day.  Yet we started to write a song about it. Years later, after many studies at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, I finished the song with a deeper meaning in the Sacred Marriage Study that marriage is not to make you happy but to make you holy.  For more go here:  http://www.christianbook.com/sacred-marriage-designed-more-than-happy/gary-thomas/9780310242826/pd/42827

The song is about a Christian couple at odd with each other and teaches that with God in the middle their relationship can be restored.


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