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Songs to Teach and Inspire

by Ministry Through Melody

Do You Believe – David Walker, Melody Balk

Do you believe He died for your sins
Do you believe through Him you’ll live again
If you will have the faith of a tiny mustard seed
Your life will never end if you believe

Do you believe it’s written in the word
Do you believe in no more pain in this world
That God shall wipe away all the tears from your face
And sorrow is no more if you believe

He can take the valleys of your life and make them high
He can make a mountain low and the way straight in our lives
All the toughest aspects of our life are smoothed away
His power is revealed if you believe

Do you believe then lift your eyes on high
Do you believe in the greatness of His might
If you’re feeling burdened by the landslides of your life
A mountain can be moved if you believe

He’s the master potter of the clay that is your life
He let’s you try to handle things your own way if you like
Then comes a time to turn to Him and mold you all anew
Your ways become remade if you believe

Do you believe He’s first to rise again
Do you believe through Him you’ll live again
Remembering that faith is built on that which you can’t see
God raises you to life if you believe

If you Believe

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