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by Ministry Through Melody

Sex Is Only for Marriage

Sex is only for Marriage.  It’s in the owner’s manual.  Let’s remember who thought up sex.  It was God’s idea.  God could have made reproduction with no pleasure attached to it God created those nerve endings it was God’s idea and he created it to bond a husband and wife together.  When a man and woman have sex together it releases oxetosin in both of them it is the bonding chemical that binds a husband and wife together it brings emotional commitment is a bonding agent them emotionally and spiritually.  That’s why there is no such thing as casual sex, because it releases oxetosin which is a  bonding element whether you like it or not.   not just physical it is emotional and spiritual.  That’s why:

  • people get hurt
  • people get broken hearts
  • people are cheated on it bothers them

Because it’s not just physical, that’s nonsense it’s emotional and it’s spiritual.

  • sex isn’t bad
  • sex isn’t dirty
  • sex is holy

The sanctity of sex is God designed it for the creation of all of us, and to bring husbands and wives together and to be a model of the union between Christ and the church.  It’s not just physical.  The bible sales this Hewbrews 13:4  Marriage should be honored by all.  Whether you ever get married or not you need to speak well of marriage.  And the marriage bed kept pure.  For God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.

God’s instructions have never changed

  • Premarital sex it’s unacceptable to God  It always has been it always will be.
  • Living together without getting married and the commitment of marriage and the blessing of God is unacceptable to God  It always has been it always will be.
  • Adultery is unacceptable to God  It always has been it always will be.
  • Pronography and the objectification of a woman’s body unacceptable to God  It always has been it always will be.

Been attracted to other women but I don’t act on it.  Attraction is not a sin.  Action is a sin.  Not everything that I feel like doing I do.  Sex is a big issue.  There’s no such thing as safe sex because they don’t make a condom for a broken heart.  Nothing can repair a broken heart.  If you are guilty of any of these sins, we are all forgiven sinners.  Welcome to the club you can find forgiveness here.

  • there’s the sanctity of life
  • there’s the sanctity of sex
  • there’s the sanctity of marriage one man and one woman for life that is God’s intended original design.

The bible is clear about marriage one man one  He even made the parts to fit together and they have a purpose in fitting together.  what about paligomy in bible. bible interpretation. not everything the bible reports the bible approves.  not everything reported in the bible is affirmed in the bible by God. If you take this book and you say Holy Bible it’s amazing it’s called Holy it’s harder to find a book that has more violence, more incest, rape, molestation, murder, jealousy, greed why do we call it the Holy Bible, because this one tells the truth.  If this were a human book it would not tell all the warts and flaws of the heroes.  It would just give biographies about all the good things they did, their great exploits.  But the bible when it talks about Abraham and Moses and David it tells us all their weaknesses, they blew it just as much as we do, they had as many problems and as addictions as we did, their families have as many problems.  The bible is just reporting the brokeness of humanity. Jesus came to release the oppressed abolish slavery.

Mathew 19  Jesus says from the beginning (from the beginning of creation) The creator made male and female.  This is the reason a man is to leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and the two become one flesh phys spir and emotio and they are no tlonger two but one and therefore for what God as joined together let no man separate.

There are many issues i life where people of goodwill can disaagree, there’s no health care defenseplan in the bible economic recover plan in the bible so christians can disagree on this

But on the sanctitiy of life sant of marriage and sanc of sex these are non negotiaable, if you call yuorself a chrstian you need to line up with what God says His original intent of all these things.  And you not only need that you need to have the courage to stand for it.  These are clear and these are non negotiable, God says…not me, God says

How can I live wtih an uncommon courage.  I need to accept God’s word as my only authority becaue it’s the source that will always tell me the truth even when I dont’ like it may make me miserable but it will set me free.  Build your life on a rock that never changes if you build your not opion of others or popul option you will frequen have the ground pulled out from underneathe that gives you no stability but if you build your life on God said it I believe it taht settles it then you are going to build your life on the Word of God.  God said it I belive it whether I understand it or not

Hebrews 6 verse 18 God has given us both his promise and his oath and god says I’m keeping my oath and these two things are unchangable.  The truth never changes.  These two things are unchangebale because it is impossible for God to lie.  God will never lie to you.  That’s why you need to hear what He says about marriage and sex and these other things.  Therefore we who have fled to him for refuge can take new courage for we can hold onto his promise with confidence.  Where do I get my courage?  By building my life on truth that doesn’t change.  Again you will build your life either on the world or the word.  You are going to build your life on what the world says, what’s popular what’s politically correct or you are going to build your life on the Word.  Why do you say things that are unpopular?  Because I fear God’s disapproval more than yours.  Want people to like me, ask me controversial issues questions and every bone in my body wants to compromise and not say the truth but I fear God’s disapproval more than I fear public disapproval.  (That’s courage)

How do I develop more courage, spend personal time with Jesus.  The more time you spend with Jesus the less you will be intimidated by the opinions of others.  The less other people’s agreements are going to matter to you.

Acts 4:13 When they saw the courage of Peter and John (these were uncommonly courageous men, these were the city counsel that said we are going to kill you to threaten you we are going to put you in jail if you if you keep talking about Jesus) and they could see that they were unschooled ordinary men (non of the disciples had degrees, college degrees high school common fisherman) but they have enormous courage they were astonished because these men had been with Jesus.  The more time you spend with Jesus the more courage you are going to have.  And when you spend time with Jesus You pray and you talk to him  Acts 4:31 after they had prayed they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke God’s word without fear. with freedom with boldness with courage.  Standing courageously in an unpopular opinion is not easy to do but the rewards of it are enormous.  The rewards of standing courageously for the truth will last forever and eve and ever not not millions but trillions of years.

“Do not lose your courage, because it brings with it a great reward.”
Heb. 10:35 (TEV)

Do not lose your courage because it brings a great reward that reward is greater than any disapproval you might have to put up with






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