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by Ministry Through Melody

God’s Gift – What Does It Mean to Follow Christ To Be Saved

I’m Living the Good Life.  what the world thinks it means I’m looking good I’m feeling good I’ve got the goods.  I’ve noticed that the good life is not enough, you have a lot of money you have lot of fame you have a lot of friends there is still an emptiness, an aching, you know something is missing inside of you.  If I knew there was a better life than the good life I would want to know about it.  A lot of people are not living life they are just existing, get up go to work, watch TV go to bed.  Three things people say, I feel exhausted, emptiness why don’t i feel more fulfilled, third thing is people feel inslaved, trapped by debt, recession, job, relationship can’t get on with, a habit by expectations of others to my own schedule.  It takes more than looking good, feeling good, having the goods. the better life comes with knowing your purpose.  passion, position, poplation, relationsh, achievements one dead end after another lot of things that makes you happy but the happiness goes away.  not addition to old life it’s new and improved, not the old stuff repackage.  Do over I’d do it differently.  what’s a mulligan, a do over.  won’t count the first one against me let you have it for free jesus chr wants to do that in your life wipe out all the bad shots and wants to give you the power to do it the right way.  Do it over and this time I’ll help you.  That’s exactly what God does in your life.  Not just a new leaf but a new life.

  • that life is not something you can earn
  • not something you can deserve
  • not something you can work for
  • not something you buy
  • not something you bribe
  • or bargain with God to get

I’ts simply a gift.  You were made by God and and for God to have a relationship with Him and until you understand that your life will never make sense.  He didn’t just create you he made you for himself.  Until you understand that you are never going to find the key that fit’s the lock in your life.

Here’s the problem.  God’s perfect and we are not. Sin is an archery term that means to fall short.  There’s a big gap between me and God and God bridged that gap. And that’s what he sent Jesus Christ to do.  Jesus says I came to do three things.

I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  Jesus did not come to give you religion.  In fact the Bible isn’t even interested in religion.  God isn’t interested in religion.  Religion is man’s attempt to get to God.  God is interested in a relationship with you.  The Bible says God is love, it doesn’t say He IS love, it is his nature, it is his character it’s who he is.  We would not be able to love other people if it werent’ for God’s love.  The only reason there is love in the world is because God is love and the creator put love in our hearts and gave us the ability to love each other. No on is ever gonna love you more than God does because God’s love is unconditional.  It’s not based on who you are it’s based on who he is.  It’s not based on what you do it’s based on what he’s already done for you.  It is called BY GRACE. When you have this love in your heart it gives you a new purpose in your heart. He’s never going to love you any more or any less than he does right now,  He loves you completely, he has seen your whole life saw you take your first breathe, form in mothers womb he has seen your whole life  had not wanted to love you he would not have made you he made you to love you.  Until you understand that you are not going to understand your purpose.  You are never going to be happy living for yourself.  You were meant to live for God.  What is this that God gives us what we need and what we deserve.  If I got what I deserved I would not be alive and neither would you.  Grace is when God forgives you without you earning it.  Grace is the fact that No matter what you’ve done in life is God is not mad at you he is mad about you.  He loves you He loves to give a second chance He is a god of mercy a God of grace, compassion until you know your creator you will not know the purpose of your life.  I came to give you life to set you free the truth will set you free is from Jesus.  He said I am the truth and if the Son sets you free then you are free indeed.  He frees you from all the things that mess you up.  what does he free us from:  guilt resentment bitterness, boredom, fear worry the expectations from your past, gives you freedom from past freedom for your present freedom in your future, your past is forgiven, you get a purpose for living and a home in heaven.  How do you get that?  You don’t get it from being religious.  They all say things you DO to get God’s approval. or do for God, He says it’s been done for you. With His arms outstretched he died for our sins  so we could have a bridge to heaven and died so we could know how much God loves us.  Outstretched he said this is how much I love you so much I would rather die without you.  Last thing he said is IT IS DONE. ( He loves you this much)  AD and BC God invaded earth.  Every date you write is reference to Christ from this point when God split history from AD to BC.  It is finished, all you need in order to get to Heaven.  Listen to me as if your life depends on it because it does.  Eternity, not just a meaningful life here on earth but eternity.   Heaven is a perfect place. God loves you and he wants you to live with him forever in eternity.  God has major long term plans for your life.  But the problem is heaven’s perfect and we are not.  If God let imperfect people into heaven it would not be perfect anymore.   and if you could earn your way into heaven and earn gods approval then it would be just like earth oh i got to heaven because i helped the poor, etc..  So God says I’m going to come to earth in human form live a perfect life, die on the cross, show people how to live and then people can get to heaven on my ticket.  God has a ticket for you for a meaningful life, a better life and a life in heaven.   You could not buy that ticket you could not afford it.  It cost Jesus’ life.  You could never earn it you could never deserve it you could not bargain for it.  You simply accept it by faith.  You were never meant to go through life on your own power.  You were meant to be plugged in to Jesus Christ.  And when you plug in you receive his Grace.  the reason you are tired all the time is you are running on your energy.  the same power that rasied JC from the dead is available to you.   You can have that kind of connection.  How do you make that connection with JC.  First thing you do is believe.  I am the way the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me. He gave the right to be the child of God.   Now you need to receive him  believe and receive him that’s how you get across the bridge.  I have lived on my plan not your plan your purpose.  the way you receive, I admit I need him I confess I’ve blown it I’ve sinned i’ve made mistakes lot of times did what I want to do not what you want to do  repentence, I have changed my mind from hopelessness to hope from despair to joy from dark to light. from gilt to forgiveness from meaningless to purpose.  I admit that i need him and switch to his plan, my selfishness and invite him in to your heart.

Did you know God loves you and created you to know him personally?

  • The most well-known verse in the Bible says, “God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes inhim should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16 ESV).
  • You see, this life is not the end of us. This life is preparation for eternity. We have the freedom to decide where we want to spend eternity: with God or apart from God.
  • God thinks you’re so valuable that he wants to spend eternity with you! The Bible says, “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (John 17:3 NIV1984).
  • He planned the universe and orchestrated history, including the details of our lives, so that we could become his friends.

So how can we know God personally?
Here are four principles that will help guide you into a lifelong relationship with him.

2 Corinthians 5:17  Those who become Christians become new persons.  They are not the same anymore.  The old life is gone.  A new life has begun!

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